We have had wonderful clients.

Our testimonials were not written over night for web traffic, but rather,  they are from real clients that we have helped over the years….. and it has been our pleasure to serve you.

Every case is different, but here is what our Clients have to say:


“You are the best! Just wanted to show my appreciation for both your and Amanda’s (legal assistant) help through process. It was a lot less painful than I assumed it would be. Thanks Again!” Jessica

“Attorney Lisa Gray was the best. I would hire her again in a heart beat!”

“Attorney Lisa Gray was great. She always cared about what I was going through, and was able to break everything down for me. My divorce went smoothly. I couldn’t have done this without her expertise, help and guidance. This Office is fantastic. A very unique legal experience.” New Bedford MA client.

“I agree, Attorney Lisa Gray is excellent. She is helping me a lot. Amanda, her secretary, is also right on. This is a real professional law office.” Divorce client

“A powerhouse in the courtroom… Probate court is confusing, unfair , long, an d expensive. You can’t do it alone. Although petite and soft spoken, Lisa is a killer in court . Defeat is not in this woman’s vocabulary and at the end of the day that’s all you really need to know. I’m a dad and I have my kids end of story. Custody client

“Lisa Gray saved my life…Without Lisa Gray, my wife would have destroyed me and that was what I thought was going to happen…and stupidly I just rolled over and just agreed with my now ex wife’s ridiculous demands. That’s until Lisa Gray informed me that her demands were un deserved just by law never mind the sheer ridiculousness of the whole mess….anyway I owe my sanity and self respect to Lisa Gray….Thank You Lisa for saving my life!!!! Divorce Client

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