Divorce & Family Law

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If you are facing the prospect of a divorce, the decision has not come easily to you. Nonetheless, you must protect your children, your assets, and your future. There are many considerations in each divorce and no two cases are exactly alike.  In order to make any important decisions, you need to fully Understand Your Rights. Issues such as division of marital assets, including complex business, financial, and retirement assets; alimony; child custody; visitation; child support; taxes; college education; and health insurance, just to name a few issues, must all be carefully analyzed and addressed.

Although this may be a difficult financial and emotional time for you, it is important to hire a confident and experienced Attorney who you can trust. We will assist you through this trying time, by explaining the strengths of your case and any areas where you may be exposed to risk, and then fight for what you rightfully and fairly deserve.  There many present and future looking issues that must be taken into account in each divorce.  We will analyze the facts of your case, along with the law, to find a dynamic legal strategy to help you achieve your legal goals.   Through years of experience, we know that your case is unique and requires personalized legal analysis and attention, so, please call the Law Office of Gray & Associates for your free 1/2 hour consultation, and begin taking back control of your life.

In addition to providing representation in Contested Divorces, the Law Office of Gray & Associates will also work to skillfully negotiate settlements in Uncontested Divorce Cases.

The Law Office of Gray & Associates is proud to offer Limited Assistance Representation in addition to full scope representation in Divorce and Family Law matters.

The Law Office of Gray & Associates represents parties in the following areas:

  • Divorce
  • Alimony
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Child Support Arrangements
  • Contempt
  • Modifications
  • Property Division
  • Post-divorce Issues
  • Retirement Division

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