Thousands of Americans wind up filing for divorce every year, but each case may be slightly different. There are a myriad of decisions that need to be made before the divorce can be finalized. Here we’ve gathered a few common issues that often require resolution before each party can go their separate ways.

  • Child custody. The state of Massachusetts is currently going more towards a statewide, mandatory split custody, which means both the mother and father can see their children for the same amount of time every week and/or month. However, for now the decision still needs to be made regarding who will house them the most.
  • Child support. If children are under the age of 18 or the judge believes it still necessary to support a couple’s children, an agreement must be reached regarding which spouse will receive monetary benefits to take care of the kids.
  • Visitation rights. Depending on which spouse is appointed child custody, the other must seek visitation rights. This all depends on a number of other factors such as whether or not that spouse has a drug addiction or has a history of abuse.
  • Asset division. Sometimes couples are able to work this out on their own without a divorce attorney, but a majority will seek legal help splitting assets because communication between both parties is ineffective. Bank accounts, possessions or stocks must be split.
  • Alimony. Like child support, alimony is monetary assistance for a spouse that may have previously relied on their partner for income. A divorce lawyer can help reach a reasonable agreement.
  • Debt division. An often overlooked subject, the division of debt is often a contested one. A divorce lawyer can help determine who is responsible for what debts. Credit cards and bills are common examples of what needs to be split.

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