Normally when a couple files for divorce, they and their divorce lawyers will reach a settlement agreement so that both parties separate amicably. The majority of divorces will settle outside of court in order to minimize costs as well as reduce stress on kids.

Unfortunately sometimes both parties cannot come to an agreement, even with the help of divorce mediation, and they must go to court.

What Happens at Divorce Court?

Once your trial date is set, both parties along with their divorce attorneys will be able to argue their case before a judge. Be sure to talk with our New Bedford divorce lawyers regarding your expectations for the divorce. If you and your spouse have children, then child custody and visitation rights will need to be discussed.

After all evidence is presented to the judge from both sides, the judge will then make a decision based on what they feel is a fair divorce settlement. Visitation rights and alimony will also be awarded.

What Happens After Divorce Court?

After the judge makes the divorce decision, both parties must sign a final decree of divorce to make the divorce official. This document lists how any property and other assets will be divided, as well as child support and visitation hours.

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